In which we unplug..

I said goodbye to work on Friday. Four years of working with some of the best people I could have hoped for, going out feeling more loved than I could have imagined. And still, ready to unplug. 

Good bye laptop, nowhere to be Monday morning, just the glorious ambiguity of the unformed week. A time for reading books waiting in dust-traced stacks, a time to binge watch Game of Thrones. To loosely anchor my days around bakeries & pastries to be eaten. To wait in line for & also learn how to bake the Tartine country loaf. To wake up sans alarm clock every morning (or afternoon). To hunt for jazz on vinyl. To catch up with friends & be one of those people I always wondered about, sitting in a cafe on a weekday afternoon. To explore Pescadero, random towns in Marin. To allow myself one truly lazy week, then KonMari the shit out of my home. To hop on a plane to Portland, Hawaii. And just in time for the new Harry Potter too.

Funemployment begins now.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.32.29 PM

The Re-Relaunch.

Okay, so seriously guys. You know all those other years when I complained about how I longed to be creative and missed writing SO MUCH and had yet to discover my purpose in life? And then proceeded to write all but, say, a total of 1859 words the entire year. A third of those words consisting of ‘#gluttony’ or ‘Have a lovely holidays!’ written in repetition on one Robert Sabuda pop-up card after another? How I would talk a big game with co-workers about forming a writing circle, toy around with the notion of NaNoWriMo, vow that this. is. THE. year. to read the entire cannon of David Foster Wallace essays, and continue to add to my ever growing library of books (nay, decorative elements) to my living room shelves?

So about that..