In which we unplug..

I said goodbye to work on Friday. Four years of working with some of the best people I could have hoped for, going out feeling more loved than I could have imagined. And still, ready to unplug. 

Good bye laptop, nowhere to be Monday morning, just the glorious ambiguity of the unformed week. A time for reading books waiting in dust-traced stacks, a time to binge watch Game of Thrones. To loosely anchor my days around bakeries & pastries to be eaten. To wait in line for & also learn how to bake the Tartine country loaf. To wake up sans alarm clock every morning (or afternoon). To hunt for jazz on vinyl. To catch up with friends & be one of those people I always wondered about, sitting in a cafe on a weekday afternoon. To explore Pescadero, random towns in Marin. To allow myself one truly lazy week, then KonMari the shit out of my home. To hop on a plane to Portland, Hawaii. And just in time for the new Harry Potter too.

Funemployment begins now.


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