NYC, Relationships

In which we evolve..

Amidst Uber-ing into the city today, I noticed the Freedom Tower for the first time in the New York skyline. The red, white, and blue to my left, Statue of Liberty to my right. It isn’t as though I haven’t seen it before. I’ve visited, certainly, a couple years back while it was being constructed. And it reminded me, this city evolves.

I want life to be freeze framed as I left it, so I can step back in and continue as if nothing had changed. New York never shows such mercy. But that’s the beauty of it and reveals my own narcissism at thinking such a thought. That this city wouldn’t change, would be the city I remembered. It’s not – it never will be.

The lights on Broadway have changed, illuminating shows I have yet to see. There are new principals at ABT and the City Ballet. And such welcome additions as Maison Kayser have opened its doors in Columbus Circle. Friends have slowly trickled out of UWS. But the Halal Cart remains.

Never one to plan, Foursquare revealed birthday festivities, and so I got to drop in and catch up with an old group of friends. Except there were new faces. And relationships that had crept up in the midst. We’re separated by almost two years now, but it’s comforting to step back into some semblance of familiarity. That those friendships would still be there, despite a two year gap. Catching up on desires and frustrations, new endeavors, amidst a general sense of weariness. The Olympic figure skating team competition flashes in the background, hearts are laid bare before throw triple loops, as we used to over coffee.

Distance, in some ways, brings us closer, offers perspective.

I used to watch Sleepless in Seattle over a pint of Haagen Daaz whenever I hit certain moods, and in more recent years, the Lite-Brite-esque intro of the Manhattan skyline took on a sadder meaning. Two towers have been replaced by one, and yet the city still glitters.

(Photo credit: Etsy shop theheartoftheeye)


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